Why Analog?

Limitations of Regular Human Insulin

  • Slow onset of action with subcutaneous injection
    • Requires inconvenient administration 30 to 45 min before meal
    • Risk of hypoglycemia if meal is delayed
    • Does not appropriately match post-prandial hyperglycaemic peak
    • Does not allow for good dose titration for ingested carbohydrates
  • Duration of action beyond meal absorption
    • Increases at higher dosages
    • Potential for late post-prandial hypoglycemia
    • Contributes to night-time hypoglycemia

Rapid Acting Analogue Insulin - Lispro

  • Humalog structure is identical to that of endogenous human insulin except for the reversal of 2 amino acids, lysine and Proline, in the distal part of the B chain.
  • Manufactured using non-pathogenic E. coli that has been genetically altered by the addition of the insulin Lispro gene

Compared with Regular Human Insulin, Humalog :

  • Is more physiologic time action profile - more closely mirrors the body’s own; more rapid onset, and shorter duration.
  • Achieves better glucose control - less post-prandial hyperglycemia, less nocturnal hypoglycemia
  • Allows for greater satisfaction - just " Dose and Eat " flexibility means greater patient satisfaction.

Meta-analysis of 8 Studies Shows Humalog® Reduces Severe Hypoglycemic Episodes


Reductions in Postprandial Glucose Lead to Reduced HbA1c with Humalog® in Type 2 Diabetes


Humalog® Improves Diabetes Quality of Life Compared with Regular Human Insulin in Type 2 Diabetes


Last Update: 2 Nov 15