Product Profile

Humalog Mix 25

Development of Humalog® Mixtures

  • Premixed insulin targets both fasting and postprandial glucose concentrations to lower HbA1c
  • It provides the physiological advantages of rapid-acting Humalog
  • It also provides pre-mixed basal and prandial insulin in every injection in a treatment that is effective and simple for patients to use
  • It provides two formulations (Humalog Mix25 with 25% Humalog and Humalog Mix50 with 50% Humalog) for use in different clinical situations
NPL (Insulin Lispro Protamine Suspension): Insulin analog lispro is
co-crystallized with protamine to produce an intermediate-acting insulin

Why Mix 25?

  • To reduce the possible confusion and potential risk of hypoglycemia between existing 70/30 Human insulin and a rapid-acting analog mixture.
  • To show clear pharmaco-dynamic differences among several formulations of premixed Humalog.
  • Can provide a more physiologic time-action profile compared pre-mixed R and NPH
  • Convenience, accuracy, and sterility of a pre-mixed insulin vs. self-mixing
  • Rapid onset of action
  • Injection closer to mealtime
  • Mimics normal physiology

Pre-Mixed Insulin Lispro

Humalog Mix®25 ( lispro lispro & lispro biphasic insulin lispro, 25% insulin 75% insulin protamine suspension)
Preparation Uniformly milky or cloudy
Onset of Action 15 mins
Peak Activity 1 hours
Duration of action 16 - 18 hours

Humalog® Mix25 vs Human Insulin 70/30

Humalog® Mix25 Within 0-15 minutes before the meal, right at the meal or, if necessary, soon after the meal 1 hour after dosing 16 - 18 hours
Human Insulin 70/30 30 to 60 minutes before the meal 2 - 3 hours after dosing 10 - 14 hours

Insulin Lispro Mix 25 (LM25) vs Human Insulin Mixture 70/30: HbA1c (3 mo)

Humalog Humalog

Last Update: 2 Nov 15