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Dulaglutide – Designed with the Patients in Mind

Speaker: Prof Johan Jendle

Topic: AWARD Webcast_Dulaglutide and Ready Use Pen_Designed the Patient in mind

Speaker: Prof Michael Nauck

Topic: AWARD Webcast_Efficacy Overview of the AWARD program

Speaker: Prof Guntram Schenthaner

Topic: AWARD Webcast_Weekly vs daily GLP-1 RA

Speaker: Dr Juris Meier

Topic: AWARD Webcasts_Dulaglutide_Integrated Safety

Speaker: Prof Michael Cummings

Topic: Modern Management of Type 2 Diabetes with GLP-1 agonists

Speaker: Prof Juris Meier

Topic: Debate – Next step after 2 OAD failure

Trulicity Pen – Designed with the Patients in Mind

Trulicity Pen Demonstration