Grants and Donations

We are currently not accepting applications for grants and donations. Please check again in the future as we will update this page as circumstances change. Thank you for your interest.

As a company Lilly is dedicated to improving the lives of patients through our innovative medicines, yet we understand that our responsibility to our communities extends beyond the products we make to include a commitment to educational support and philanthropy.

Eli Lilly Hong Kong's Grants and Donations Office operates as an independent body within Eli Lilly Hong Kong. This body reviews requests for funding with an emphasis on healthcare professional education programs and patient advocacy initiatives. Grants and Donations may be provided to institutions or organizations only. Individuals or groups of Healthcare Professional who practice together as part of a medical practice group will not be considered.

Grants and Donations are not based on or linked to prescribing, drug formulary status, purchasing or reimbursement decisions or any business dealings Eli Lilly Hong Kong may have with any requestor. The review and approval process is separate from any promotional activities. This separation protects both requestors and the company from any perception that funding is made to induce or reward support for business, rather than the merit of the request itself.

Last Update: 21 Dec 2016